April 29th, 2007


So the GA is doomed

So, I hear that Nick and Sharp want to upgrade the GA with some sort of new name, some sort of new forum and some sort of new venue.

(Note that this post is just an observation, and isn't meant to upset anybody :P)

Sadly, I've seen this sort of thing happen several times on other places - not to say it'll happen here, but it could - and usually it means the death of the group, in both it's old and new form. Generally, people don't like change, so when everything changes, some people cling to the old way - including old forums, friends who stayed in the old forum, etc. with only some people moving to the new place. It ends up that both the old and the new are inferior to what the old was before.

Also, I overheard Chiyo saying that they were going to move hosting to Bry's hosting as it was free. I'm offended, what's not free about hosting where you don't need to pay anything, there's no adverts and I pay for your domain name yearly? :P