Colin (electric_monk) wrote,

DDR Universe

Or, as they call it in Europe, "Dancing Stage Universe".

As I totally failed to enjoy Mass Effect in any way, I took it to Gamestation today and traded it in to part pay for this. It worked out pretty well as they gave me £28 against the game for it, and it only cost me £30 to begin with, so £2 for having a game for a few weeks seems reasonable. It's also worth noting Mass Effect is the first game I've ever felt the need to actively get rid of, normally I like to keep things I bought.

I like the new DDR and the mat it comes with seems excellent, sticks to the floor on it's base and doesn't constantly think the left pad is down like the Logic3 one I have. Also DDR Universe includes "Quest Mode", which is some sort of punishment provided by the Japanese. I've made $1200 in game or something, I don't think there's any point in the money, as to unlock songs I need to successfully beat the entire of America and Canada or something. One video I saw on YouTube appeared to be a scantily clad anime woman dancing provocatively over a song that Google tells me is to do with an Irish children's story, excellent.

Finally, and most importantly, I checked if the dancemat (being a 360 controller) would work with my driver on OSX - it does, so you can now use it to Dance Dance Karnov your way through StepMania on OSX to your heart's content. I've released the new version 0.07 which adds support for the official Konami dance mat, and fixes the bug where the driver wouldn't work on OSX 10.4 anymore because Apple attempted to confuse me with SDKs. In addition to this, the driver now should support the Rock Band guitar and drum kit. I've never heard of or seen anything about this game or these controllers, but people keep e-mailling me to get me to add them to the supported devices list (confirmed that they do work with my driver), so whatever they are people can use them on OSX now.

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