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I finally got a Wii!

As well as the bundled Wii Sports, it came with (thanks to Toys R Us) 4x4 Monster Truck Racing, some sort of Classic Pinball game and Super Fruit Fall, which is relatively entertaining.

Trying to decide what game to get WarioWare out yet?

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My employers would like it to be known that their new product is out:

It's currently only available for PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5, but it's basically a predictive text system that suggests entire words and phrases ahead.

Silly video

Last night while in Pizza the Hutt I received a spam e-mail. As usual, it was the "HOT STOCK TIP" variety, but the stock tip was actually just a still image, and to confuse spam filters the text (hidden when you viewed it on a PC) beneath was gibberish. As a PocketPC doesn't show the HTML (and thus image) version, you just get the gibberish.

So I thought it sounded quite funny read out as if a news item, so me and some friends did so:

It contains spam nonsense reading, and some other weird nonsense too.

It features sephikun, a cardboard cut out, me, ace_reaper (in drag), epicureal and the voice of ninjasteve. The script used is at


So we've just got back from "Amecon", which is some sort of anime convention. I got various things, including some Dirty Pair Flash figures and a hat.

Wrist watch and such

I have bought a new watch, as I like gadgets. It calculates the current phase of the moon and tide, and for some reason contains a thermometer too.

Also if any of you have an XBox 360 my tag is Electric Skrill.
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Nintendo "Wii"

Discussing it on IRC, I can't get over the suckiness of Nintendo's new name for the Revolution, and so must post about it here.

Nintendo "Revolution" sounded pretty cool, but apparently it was no good. "Wii"? Sounds like they just wanted a small name that easily goes between Japanese and English - sadly, they picked one that's regularly used in various places worldwide to mean urine (or here in Scotland, "small" too)

Even worse than Puff Daddy becoming "Diddy", which here means "idiot" or sometimes "tit".

And while I'm complaining about stuff, that episode of the Simpsons written by Ricky Gervais was terrible.


I'm currently at chiyo_misato's house, and it's started snowing. We didn't know about it until she happened to check her LJ friends page and saw a lot of posts from people in Glasgow about snow. We didn't think it'd actually snow here, but were pleasantly surprised when we looked out the curtains ;)

I took a few photos:

We went out and played in it a bit (mainly just wandering around, and she pelted me with some snowballs) but within half an hour of coming back in our footprints were almost hidden, so it was snowing pretty hard.